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Decorating With Color

You may not realize it, but the colors in your room can make all the difference. Color can influence the mood and tone of a room. Blues are cool, calming, and create a sense of restfulness. Reds are exciting and stimulating. Greens are cool, reflective, and relaxing. Yellows are bright, cheery, energetic, and expansive. Whites are clean and inviting.

Choose one color to be your main focus and then accent it with one or two complimentary colors. Color can be anywhere in a room, from the wall and floors, to your furniture and accent pieces. Add fringe to pillow, put up new curtains, add color with candles—the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind, also, that lighting can change the way colors look in a room. When choosing colors, view them under the same lighting that you will have in your room first.

At Village at Broadstone Station Apartments in Apex, North Carolina, we love sharing lifestyle-enhancing tips with our residents. We hope you find these decorating tips helpful.

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