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Photography Exhibit - "South Side" in Durham

Artist Jon Lowenstein was awarded a solo show at CDS as part of the Lange-Taylor Prize, which he won in 2014 for South Side, his project about the Chicago neighborhood where he has lived and worked for over a decade.

His Chicago neighborhood, Lowenstein writes, is a place where "I have witnessed the systematic and ongoing de-construction and undermining of communities and the ensuing fight to maintain a semblance of order while those neighborhoods crumble in front of our eyes." With the South Side project, he hopes to create "a lasting testimony to the legacy of segregation, the impact of vast wealth inequality, and how de-industrialization and globalization play out on the ground in Chicago."

Village at Broadstone Station, providing the perfect balance of comfort and luxury in Apex, North Carolina, is helping spread the word about this special event happening in our community!

Event Date/Time:
Saturday, February 27, 2016 – 10:00 AM

Event Venue Location:
Center for Documentary Studies at Duke
1317 West Pettigrew Street
Durham, North Carolina 27722

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